Monday, November 21, 2011


Demi & Ashton's BIG mistake

If reports are true, that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had an open relationship, then their marriage never really stood a chance.
Here World Famous Relationship Expert, Dr Gilda Carle explains why a marriage based on these foundations is destined to fail.
In the wake of their split, all sorts of allegations have come to
light about the workings of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's marriage--the most shocking being, that they had an open relationship.
We consulted Dr Gilda Carle as to why women should always avoid falling into this trap, so take note, won't work out well. Here's her piece:




Now we hear that Demi and Ashton had an open marriage that allowed for each others’ dalliances. It is rumored that Demi is bisexual and her needs could not be met by Ashton. So they made a pact to privately and discretely pursue their lustful fantasies. What they hadn’t figured on was that their privacy would become very public.

Over the years, during my counseling, whenever I hear about a fantasy to have an open marriage, I share what I know. Simply, I have never seen open marriage work. Why? Because we are human beings with feelings. And in addition to love, those feelings also involve possessiveness and jealousy. When one partner becomes overly attached to a lust object, or the lust object spills the beans, rules never laid down before suddenly must be addressed. What happens when the cat is out of the bag? In the case of Demi and Ashton, perhaps they believed that in their very public life, they could still keep some secrets. True to life, secrets are never secret for long, especially in our world of social media. The public humiliation Demi felt was understandable, especially amid the smoke and mirrors on which Hollywood is based. No matter what their sexual appetite, this couple must now independently come clean about who they really are. No relationship can sustain itself when it is built on camouflage!
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