Friday, October 21, 2011


Weighing in on who is to blame for all of Lindsay's woes

Fri, 21 Oct 2011

Is it the lack of strong parental guidance, or Lindsay Lohan's desire to be in the spotlight at any cost, the reason she constantly finds herself in trouble?

On the back of the news that TMZ is reporting that Dina Lohan is intending to sell a memoir which lifts the lid on her daughter's secrets, and paints herself in the light of a great mother. She says, "I couldn't deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime." We asked Dr. Gilda Carle to give her take on why Lindsay Lohan continues to remain such a train wreck.  She writes --




                       The World’s Most Famous Relationship Expert

When you think of Lindsay Lohan, what comes to mind? Unfortunately, for most, it’s not the word “actress.” I questioned people in the New York streets, asking, “What does the name Lindsay Lohan mean to you?” Their responses were “a mess,” “a druggie brat,” “a bisexual,” “a spoiled bitch,” “a demanding a party girl,” and some said even worse things than that. So what went wrong with this young, beautiful, once-innocent, talented former actress?

As a child star, Lindsay tasted success, wealth, and adoration, and she was very much in demand. As she became more famous, she began to run free with spoiled and undisciplined teens like herself. Where were her parents during all this? They were enjoying their own sudden fame, and even joining Lindsay on the party scenes.

Every teen needs boundaries laid down by parents who care. As my Gilda-Gram says, “Parents must be friendly towards, not friends with, their children.” This was not the case in the Lohan home. In addition, her mom and dad went through a vile and public divorce, caring about their own issues at the expense of their daughter.

So what has Lindsay become? She’s a young woman with a child’s mentality, trying to grab for love wherever she can get it, whether it’s through drugs, men, women, stolen jewelry, parties, or other false highs. But none of these outlets can provide her with what she truly needs: to love herself so she can care for herself. People who did not get what they needed from their mom and dad must parent themselves. I wish Lindsay knew that. Her attitude of entitlement is causing no one to want to work with her, befriend her, or partner with her. How many trips to the courthouse will it take for her to grow up and wake up to that fact that SHE is all she’s got!!

Dr. Gilda Carle

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