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Will Kim and Kris last the distance?

Tues., 11 Oct 2011 

We've all been a bit skeptical when it comes to this union, but do Kim Kardashian and new hubby, Kris Humphries have what it takes to have the happily-ever-after fairytale?

Their romance was a whirlwind, and we were curious to see if Kim and Kris have the elements to cement a lasting union. We consulted The World's Most Famous Relationship ExpertDr. Gilda Carle,  to get her thoughts, particularly in light of Kris' recent party antics.  Here's what she says:

Kim & Kris, A Divorce Lawyer Is the Wrong Approach



It was recently reported that Kim Kardashian’s new hubby, Kris Humphries, was spotted getting thisclose to “two sexy club girls during a recent night out in NYC,” without Kim or his wedding ring. If this report is true, it would not be surprising.

Here’s the dope on men who are not fully developed emotionally, otherwise known as “immature.” (BTW: The same holds true for immature women.) An immature guy will unconsciously hook up with a strong woman to hopefully feel better about himself. Soon, the guy’s buddies will ridicule him for being “whipped.” And he himself will question where his identity went. So what will he do? He might act out to prove that he’s really “THE MAN.” In effect, by acting out, he thinks he’s proving that he’s in charge, not the woman who “whipped” him. I don’t think so!

Here’s the fallacy behind such behavior:

1. No woman can ever take away a man’s identity.

2. No man can ever “regain” a strong identity if he never had one.

3. No person demonstrates any kind of strength by acting out!!

For a healthy relationship, couples must honestly communicate about their differences. If not for differences, two people would only be connected to duplicates of themselves! Boring!! Mature couples know they need not make public spectacles of themselves to prove their worth.

Hey, Kim and Kris, seeking a divorce lawyer is not the answer. Sure, you can divorce, but you’ll only repeat the same behaviors with your next partner. Instead, grow from this experience. See a therapist and learn how to resolve your sore feelings. Every relationship has its bumps. The real trick is to learn how to navigate them. If you do, your marriage will thrive!

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