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Is Justin Mr. Wrong?

Is Justin Mr. Wrong?

Fri, 30 Sep 2011 

Fresh allegations have surfaced that Jennifer Aniston's current beau took "powerful painkillers' and Class A drugs- and and even spoke of his hopes to pursue Jen's nemesis Angelina Jolie....which is possibly the worst thing that any man of Jen's could ever admit to. Justin's co-star on Iron Man 2, Keith Middlebrook has dished the dirt on Justin to Star magazine. Even though Justin has since cleaned up his act, we asked World Famous Relationship Expert, Dr. Gilda Carle to muse over these recent reports.  Here's what she had to say:

Is Justin Just In It for Fame?
Dr. Gilda Carle

Addicts constantly experience an ebb and flow, with a high rate of recidivism. That’s why we see them return to rehab again and again and again. An addictive personality must always cart around a proverbial lemonade squeezer for the moments when life hands him lemons. Otherwise, he’ll be back in rehab once more.

Maybe Justin Theroux finally kicked his addictive actions, but an addict never really rids his addictive needs. I wonder if Jennifer Aniston is just his latest fix. It’s interesting that last year he was fantasizing about Jen’s rival, Angelina Jolie. Since Angie had been out of Justin’s league at that time, I also wonder whether he settled for “second best” with Jen. Now, a tabloid headline says that Angie has reached out to Justin to star in one of her movies. Wouldn’t that really be rubbing it in Jennifer’s nose? (Brad certainly contributed to the triangular catfight last week by belittling Jen while praising Angie.) Let’s watch how this plays out. If Justin does agree to act with Angie, I think we all will know what we’ve been suspecting all along. Stay tuned!

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