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Bruce is About to be a Dad for the 4TH Time.
Could the Timing be Any Worse for Demi?

 27 Oct 2011

Demi Moore is already showing the strain of her current beau Ashton Kutcher's reported infidelities, so her ex-husband's news could not have come at a worse time.

Demi Moore has always retained a close relationship with her ex Bruce Willis, who, it was just revealed, is about to be a father again.

We consulted The World's Most Famous Relationship Expert, Dr. Gilda Carle to see how Bruce's joy could become Demi's misery.  She writes:



It must be tough for Demi Moore to watch her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, celebrate his new wife’s pregnancy at this time. Not that she wouldn’t be happy that Bruce is happy. But Demi’s own issues with cheating husband Ashton Kutcher would make her naturally want to contrast her personal sorrows with Bruce’s upcoming excitement. For years, before Bruce married, he hung out with Demi, their 3 daughters, and Ashton as part of a seemingly contented and comfortable friendship. Because this group got along so well, they became the role model for compatible former spouses. So now, it would only be natural to compare the lives of these two exes-turned-platonic-friends. Not so fast!

Message to Demi (and Other Suffering Souls): Because we each walk our own path, we can never compare our life with that of another. Each of our journeys takes us to where we uniquely need to be. Rejoicing with Bruce will not only make him happy and enrich your friendship; it will also allow you to bury your own issues for a time. Everyone, without exception, experiences life’s ebb and flow. Giving means to be there for others in whatever capacity you can. Actually, it might also give you some temporary relief. So it is a gift to remove yourself from yourself, in favor of others’ needs.

I remember one cold and lonely New Years Eve right after my divorce. Tired of feeling sorry for myself, I donated my time to the homeless. Because of that, by the time New Years Day rolled around, I was truly refreshed for a NEW year on a new page. Giving can be rewarding and healing. I hope you’ll try this, Demi.
Dr. Gilda

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