Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Growth Is My Gratitude!



Dr. Gilda Carle

As I clear out, move out, and throw out, the remnants of my old life fade into the distance.  Who was I then?  I hardly recognize her now.  I discard the old and antiquated, and make room for love.  I had a serious auto accident last week, and parties, teaching, writing, and appearing.  Every aspect of my growth is my gratitude.   As life changes so rapidly now, I catch my breath to assess its meaning, especially in my dreams.  They unconsciously reveal what I consciously block.  And when I wake, one license plate with a message draws me back again.  I am guided, and I trust that it is where I'm supposed to go.  Yes, I love and I trust.  Thank God I can now do both, for they make me a more vital and vibrant healer.  What an adventure!


"At this point in time, we are going through a spiritual evolution. Higher forces are trying to flush out our excess baggage. Our problem is that we are holding onto it."  

"We must let go and trust the process. It is time to move to a higher clearer level." 

-- The Daily Guru

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