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When you out-earn your man, it's not the pay gap that will kill the romance; it's the way you flaunt it!  Are you listening, Jen Aniston?

Weighing in on the gender divide: What happens when you earn more than your man?
Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:37:25 +0100   LS3WIDGV3N
Jennifer Aniston is in the throes of love, but there's no escaping the fact, that she is the real breadwinner in the relationship. And, if more proof be needed on this fact, she just splashed out $450,000 on a painting, Stranger 44, but it was Justin who got the real thrill getting to do all the bidding.
But it got us wondering what impact does it have on a relationship when a woman hers significantly more than her man.
Who else would we turn to for an expert opinion on this, but Dr. Gilda Carle.
She writes;
These days, 1/3 of households consist of the woman earning more than her husband. When I casually asked some of my Mercy College students in New York how they felt about that, the men unanimously said they wouldn’t mind if their woman earns as much as they earn, as long as she doesn’t earn more than they! I guess that was Jen Aniston’s reasoning when she allowed her new beau, Justin Theroux, to do her bidding at an auction for a $450,000 painting. He certainly doesn’t have that kind of money. So did she deliberately set him up with her “play money” to protect his ego? This could be dangerous to their relationship. There’s only so much ridicule a healthy man can endure. If he finds that he’s become a laughing stock for being a kept man, his bedroom performance will suffer. A woman should support her man’s integrity, but she must be honest about it. A better approach for Jen would be to have a sit-down with Justin, calmly discuss the discrepancy in their incomes, and mutually reach a comfortable way of dealing with it. Setting him up as her auction man when everyone knows the truth is a put-down. How long will he be able to look in the mirror with any degree of pride? It’s not a woman’s earning capacity that is really the issue; it’s how she flaunts it that will affect her love life in the end!

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