Thursday, August 4, 2011

One of the World's Most Famous Relationship Experts...

One of the world's most famous relationship experts weighs in on Jen's new romance

Dr Gilda Carle is one of America's most famous relationship experts- she is the author of the best selling book “Don’t Bet on the Prince!”, she contributes to top magazines in America and is a constant fixture on TV. So what better person to gives us insight into whether Jen and Justin Theroux relationship will last.

We think you'll find her take on the situation be enlightening.

She writes: " I think Jen’s still heartbroken and angry over being dumped by Brad. In an unconscious way, she’s letting the world know that she can play the same game. It’s acting out, as an adolescent would do. All the men she’s been with have been poor choices, and have ended in disaster. There’s a reason for that: She still hoped that Brad would return. So now, she’s unconsciously trying to make herself into the same sex siren that Ange was when Ange stole Brad.

"Perhaps it is a pr stunt, except that how could she explain away the other bad choices she’s made? Those weren’t pr stunts!"

She adds: "Earth to Jen: If this dude would was with someone he allegedly loved for over a decade, how could Jen trust him not to lie to her? As I said, she’s not done too well in the mate-selection department! She is definitely headed for heartbreak.

Please someone, tell me some redeeming qualities he has!!!

To find out more about Dr Gilda Carle visit her website: - author of “Don’t Bet on the Prince!”

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