Monday, May 30, 2011

Will He EVER Leave His Ex??

Will He EVER Leave His Ex??

A woman asks why her BF’s ex continues to call. Duh! He obviously encourages it . . . She says that SHE is ready for HIM to move on. Excuse me??



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Dear Dr. Gilda,

I am dating a man who, at the time we met, was in the process of divorce. I was understanding, since I, too, was going through a divorce. His ex broke her back while driving drunk a year after they met, and she is paralyzed from the waist down. He was willing to stick it out with her regardless, but she chose to move out.

Now that I’m in his life, she will not let go and he doesn’t seem clear on where his heart lies. She continues to call my boyfriend day and night. I asked him to please ask her not to call him, and he says he can’t just turn his back on her, as they are still friends — which, he says, is all he wants. But why on earth does she continue to call? When I bring it up, we argue. I don’t want to let this ruin everything we’re starting to build.

When is it time for him to cut his ties with her — disabled or not? I don’t want to be cruel, but we took it slow at first and now I’m ready for him to move on. Or maybe I’m the one who should cut my ties. Please help!

Questioning His Commitment

Don't you wonder what this woman is smoking??

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