Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Heart Chakra Day!

March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, is my parents' anniversary. They're gone now, but my hair is still Irish red--with a bit of help these days. As a kid, my mom dressed me in alot of green against my shocking red hair, and it made me feel like a Christmas tree. So I rebelled and stopped wearing the color. But then I grew up, and realized that green looks great with my coloring. So because everything old is new again, I'm back to wearing the color my mother loved.

Green is a great color! It's the color of money and it's also the fourth chakra of the heart. This chakra is our balance point where we pass from our more terrestrial existence into the spiritual realm of love and life. Frogs are green. I have a huge (make-believe) frog collection as a result of the motif on my well-known book, "Don't Bet on the Prince!" Frogs symbolize abundance and fertility. To add to my collection, people send me interesting frogs from all over the world. So my office dons plenty of green.

What a great day to think of all the success and love and money you will attract! Believe it is already happening, conceive a realistic plan, and achieve it all! You might also want to kiss a blarney stone while you're at it today for some additional help. No matter what you do, have a Happy Heart Chakra Day!

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