Friday, December 3, 2010

Without Her 8, There is NO Kate!

Kate Gosselin is hanging on to her kids-as-props. SEE MY QUOTES BELOW. Bonnie Fuller, CEO of agrees:

Bonnie Says: Kate, Stop Attacking Jon on TV, Living Off Your Kids — You’re Hurting Them!


Kate– you went on The Today Show to justify keeping your 8 Gosselettes on TV and you just proved why they need their private lives back!

After watching you talk to Meredith Viera on Dec. 2, it’s more obvious than ever that you’re keeping your eight children in a ridiculously unhealthy situation.

You clearly went on TV to contest the reports that two of your sextuplets, Colin and Alexis, had been expelled from their private school. You said that the reports were false — though and other outlets have credible sources telling us otherwise. In fact, a source reiterates to us that “Kate did not pull the kids out of school”, they were expelled.

You said that the two were victims of the dual stress of academic challenges and post- divorce stress. And you did admit that they were suffering from “anger issues”, “behavior issues” and were acting out.”

Now, you said, they were being home schooled and that “my kids are back, they are happy and functioning.”

But Kate, don’t you see that You are the problem. You are the one invading your children’s privacy. You are the one on national TV discussing the most private aspects of your children’s lives.

Do you really think that Colin and Alexis, 6, are happy that you just told the world they have “anger issues“?

And really Kate — Why do they have anger issues? You have to admit that it is in very large part because you have had a very publicly bitter and contentious divorce from Jon.

And now you can’t stop attacking Jon in public. You went right back at it in front of Meredith and us. When Meredith asked you how you communicate with Jon, you replied “it depends on the day, it depends on the hour.”

“I always reach out to him first,” you said in discussing how you organize holidays visitations with Jon. “I try” to do it in the normal manner, I do it amicably, with solutions and the best interests of the kids in mind.”

The very clear subtext of course is that Jon is impossible to communicate with, never calls about seeing the kids and doesn’t try to organize visits in a “normal manner” or “amicably.”

You are trying desperately to be seen as Mommy Perfect while he is Daddy Do-No-Right.

But Kate you are hurting your kids every time you attack Jon, especially in public “Parents don’t realize what they’re doing when they badmouth their ex. The kids feel like they are in the middle of a tug of war and like they have to take sides” explains psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle, the founder of “Children of divorce are terrified they’ll be abandoned by mommy and daddy because their parents have abandoned each other.”

Dr. Gilda agrees that the Gosselin kids ARE stressed. Every child of divorce is stressed when their parents split but it’s so much harder for the little Gosselettes because they are in a fishbowl — their every move is watched and commented on, even by you Kate on national TV.

You even had the nerve to tell all of us that “strangely” you’ve “forgiven Jon for the sake of your kids.”

Kate — that’s not strange. That’s the right thing to do.

What was even more disturbing on The Today Show was how you insisted that being on TV is “wonderful” and is in “the best interests of my kids”! Being on TV allows them to go on expensive trips and provides for their futures, you justified.

Puhleeze Kate! How about providing for your kids by getting a job which doesn’t involve them working. Aren’t they entitled to just be carefree kids?

“Kate is looking at the material benefits of the show and not the emotional detriments to the kids,” points out Dr. Gilda. “She wants to continue doing the show, so she’s going to rationalize it.”

Kate is using her kids as props, believes Dr. Gilda. "She wants the fortune and fame and she knows that without the 8, there is no Kate."

Kate, you may think that’s harsh, but it’s true. and you need to start thinking and planning another career anyway because the Gosselettes are growing up and will not be reality show material for that many more years. So stop attacking Jon and stop milking every aspect of your kids lives, especially their troubles, for television.

-Bonnie Fuller

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