Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is Jake Too Old for Taylor??

If you’re supposedly dating someone who you think is too young to see your R rated movie, maybe she’s too young to be dating at all? Just a thought we’ve been having. So we decided to bring this question and others to our favorite psychotherapist – Dr. Gilda Carle.

Jake Gyllenhaal notably upped his public persona a few years ago through his relationship to America’s Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon. But Reese finally kicked Jake to the curb. And Dr. Gilda thinks that Taylor might actually be more in his league:

“Reese was right on the money – if she said he wasn’t serious enough. Well, he found someone with his mentality.”

But to us, it seems like an odd pairing. So we asked Dr. Gilda what the appeal is. As she says:

“It makes good headlines in the news, but eventually, what are they going to be doing, playing dominoes together?”

Maybe it’s just a publicity thing. But that could be dangerous too:

“I always caution my celebrity clients about getting involved with someone who’s intentions are not obvious to you.”

With a big movie out, it could just be good publicity for Jake to be seen dating a young hot chic right now. And Taylor may not realize that. Says Dr. Gilda:

“I just worry about her. She’s young and impressionable. And beside all that, she doesn’t have the experience that somebody older has. In knowing when someone is after her fame, money, hooking on to her wagon. All the therapy in the world can’t give you that. It’s just time. And, unfortunately being hurt. And that’s too bad.”

At least she can always write a song about him for her next album….

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