Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful Thank You Letter!

Dear Dr. Gilda,
I just read your answer on ("Ask Dr. Gilda: Am I Too Big for Love?") to a woman concerned that her weight was keeping her from having a relationship:
I was very surprised by your answer. Very pleasantly surprised!

My name's Lexie and I am a Fat Acceptance and Body Acceptance activist. If you've never heard of Fat Acceptance it's a social movement that works to help people love their bodies no matter what the size and gain certain civil rights for fat people (as we are discriminated against yet not protected by law), while also promoting Health At Every Size (HAES).

I am one of those "morbidly obese" women (though I tend not to classify myself using BMI standards as the BMI is so flawed). I am in a relationship at the moment and though I love my body, I do still worry about other people's reaction to it, though my boyfriend, who is very loving, assures me that there's nothing to worry about at all.

Anyway, I'm going on and on. I just wanted to say, that when I saw the ad for this woman's letter and your advice, I rolled my eyes. I totally expected something negative. Some kind of weight loss guide to love. I was so happy to see how body positive it was and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much for being so positive about body size. Thank you so much for being a DOCTOR and being positive about different body sizes. We really do need more like you.

Thank you again,
Lexie Di

Hi, Lexie Di,
What a beautiful letter. THANK YOU!! I’d like to post that piece and your letter (with your permission) on my blog (on Self-acceptance and self-love, no matter what a person’s size, color, height, religion, education, or ANYTHING ELSE is vital for happiness, health, and enduring relationships...
Dr. Gilda

Dear Dr. Gilda,
I would be really honored to have it posted. I just thought you should know that your actions as a body positive doctor are so meaningful and helpful to a movement that moves very slowly because of social views. I'll also be sending the link to your blog (as well as the link above) to the fat acceptance blogs that I frequent, if that's okay with you. The people there are always looking for new, positive things to share, instead of the daily fat-hate.

Thank you so much, again!
Your new supporter,
Lexie Di

Dear Lexie Di,
Absolutely! Send this information EVERYWHERE, and also send your letter to and They always want to know how their readers think.

Incidentally, in the January 25, 2010 issue of In Touch Weekly, there’s an article called “Bullied for the Weight, Curvy Girls Fight Back.” The sub-title is, “For years, they’ve been called the dreaded F-word—fat! Now, these plus-size models are getting the best revenge.” Photographed nude and nearly nude are some very gorgeous women! Check it out.

Shout-out to all: LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PACKAGING! If YOU love you, someone else certainly will!!
Dr. Gilda


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